Charlotte Eid-ul-Fitr
***Friday, June 15th***
*Takbirat 9am*
*Prayer 10am*
Moon sightings were confirmed tonight, therefore the Imams of Charlotte have decided tomorrow will be the 1st of Shawwal and that Eid salah will be Friday, June 15th  Please try to come early to deal with any unexpected traffic as well as attending the Takbirat (9 AM).  We look forward to seeing you all.
Eid Mubarak!
Cabarrus Arena
4751 NC-49, Concord, NC 28025
Event fee $10 per car
(Bring Cash)

The Islamic Society of Greater Charlotte (ISGC) is a non-profit organization. Local Muslims living in Charlotte founded it in 1978. It is the oldest Muslim organization serving the greater Charlotte area. The Islamic Society of Greater Charlotte was established to address the religious needs, as well as social needs of an ever-growing Islamic community in Charlotte and surrounding areas.

 Ramadan Mubarak !


English Baiyan begins 1:30 pm
Arabic khutba begins 1:55 pm
Iqama at 2:00 pm

IQAMA TIMES – Ramdan (May/June) 2018




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