About Us


The Islamic Society of Greater Charlotte (ISGC) is a non-profit organization. Local Muslims living in Charlotte founded it in 1978. It is the oldest Muslim organization serving in Charlotte. The Islamic Society of Greater Charlotte was established to address the religious needs, as well as social needs of an ever-growing Islamic community in Charlotte and surrounding area. From a small community of few families, ISGC has grown to be the one of the largest Islamic societies of Charlotte.

Besides religious services and social events for the diverse Muslim population of Charlotte (the society has members from over 20 different countries), ISGC also conducts programs and interfaith dialogues with other religious and secular organizations in the surrounding area. ISGC also engages itself with local churches, invites local church ministers, public school presentations on Islam, written articles in the local news papers, radio/TV programs dealing with faith issues, diversity training programs at businesses and in local colleges, active social outreach to those in need of assistance, host health fairs for the local community, Islamic burial services, and marriage ceremonies.

Islamic Society of Greater Charlotte welcomes all inquiries and is willing to become involved within the community. The Masjid (Mosque) and Islamic Center is open to anyone who wishes to observe or participate in scheduled activities. You can contact ISGC on (704) 536 – 2016 with any questions.

President/Ameer: Afzal Cheema
Vice President/Naib Ameer: Zahid Tajik
Secretary: Shahid Khan
Board Member: Wasif Khawaja
Board Member: Ali Ashfaque
Board Member: Tahir Mahboob
Finance Secretary: Syed Mujtaba
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