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ICC Tel: (704)537-9399, ISGC Tel: (704)536-2016

((منها خلقناكم وفيها نعيدكم ومنها نخرجكم تارةً أخرى ))
“(From the earth) we have created you, and into it we shall return you, and from it we shall
Bring you out once again. (20:55)


Application form for Burial 

Application Form for Burial includes authorization, consent and release of liability along with the other forms

General Procedures

For the proper management of the cemetery and arrangements for burial, policies and Procedures have been formulated by the Cemetery committee appointed by the Islamic Center of Charlotte and the Islamic Society of Greater Charlotte. Persons requesting to use the Cemetery for burial arrangements shall observe these policies and procedures and any Subsequent amendments made in the policies and procedures.

 Islamic Rules of Burial and Visitation

Islamic rules based on the Sunnah of the Prophet Muhammad (S) and the consensus of most of the Muslim scholars, shall be observed by all using the cemetery for burial and visitation

Expenses of the Burial

The burial services cost will be the cost of arrangements plus any unforeseen charges, and that will cover.

Procedures for Burial Request

 Overall Rules & Procedures about burials in the Cemetery