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Muslim Foster Care Children

Original Viral WhatsApp/Social Message

As of the last month, versions of this message have been shared across the nation on various social platforms about four Muslim foster children in North Carolina at risk of being split up.

As Salaamu Alaikum
There are 4 Muslim children, all siblings, ages 5  (boy), 8 (boy), 10 (girl), and 12 (girl) who are in need of a home. Currently, they are in the foster home of an older Christian couple here in Charlotte. According to the caseworker and the Guardian ad litem, it’s not likely that this couple will be able to continue to keep all 4 children for much longer. It would be great if the siblings could stay together, however, unless we can find them another long-term home solution where this is possible it’s likely they’ll be split up. Ideally, they could be with a Muslim family since they are themselves coming from a Muslim family. This is the best protection for them inshaAllah.

If you, or anyone you know, can, help please message me here or text/call me at 7046707991

Latest Update from ISGC Imam (10.29.21)

Imam Atif Chaudhry: Where Things Stands, What’s to Come

Please watch this video for an accurate update on the viral case of the four foster care children. Imam Atif from Islamic Society of Greater Charlotte clarifies where the situation stands, ways to help, and what’s to come. ISGC is the only masjid working with the aunt & these children. Please contact him (201-253-5145) or the aunt (704-670-7991) directly with any questions.


Please make dua and donate as you can. JazakAllah khairun!

Donate Options:

  1. Venmo: Search @isgc1 under the “Business” tab and make sure you leave a note that says “foster children” when you send the funds. 100% of the funds will be sent to the aunt for the children.
  2. Paypal: Use the button below to donate. All of the funds are for the children and their family.