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Atif Chaudry

imam and religious director

Since March 2014, Imam Atif has led ISGC, where he teaches classes, gives lectures on Islamic topics, and focuses on community building. He has memorized the Qur’an and studied Islam extensively in Pakistan. He holds an LLB (Bachelor’s of Law) from the International Islamic University of Islamabad and an LLM (Master of Laws) from St. John’s University in New York. He is also Muslim Life Coordinator at Queen’s University in Charlotte. Contact:
Office hours: Monday-Friday Maghrib-Isha
Phone number: 201-253-5145

More About Imam Atif's Background
Imam Atif grew up in New Jersey, where he completed his memorization of the Holy Qur’an at an early age. He then made a decision, with the guidance of his parents, to learn more extensively about what he had memorized and traveled overseas to Pakistan and studied in the Islamic Seminary of Darul Uloom Muhammadiya Ghausia for 2 years.

He then came back to the U.S. to complete his high school studies and then returned to Pakistan to continue his Islamic education where he studied Shari’ah sciences as well as Law in the International Islamic University of Islamabad for 5 years. Returning to America he took a position as Imam in Islamic Center of Old Bridge, in New Jersey, from 2009 to 2013. He also completed his Masters in Law from Saint Johns University, in New York.