The following Islamic rules based on the Sunnah of the Prophet Muhammad (S) and the

consensus of most of the Muslim scholars, shall be observed by all using the cemetery for

burial and visitation.


  1. Preparation of the body (washing and shrouding) will be done according to the Sunnah of the Prophet(S).
  2.  The use of a biodegradable box will be allowed if needed, with committee’s          approval.
  3.  Women are not allowed to be present at the burial while it is under way.
  4.  Wailing, chanting, or expression of grief aloud, is not consistent with the Sunnah of Prophet(S) and shall not be allowed.
  5.  During the burial all people present should observe the solemnness of the occasion by keeping quiet and not indulging chatting, remembering death and the truth of the Hereafter.
  6.  Only Muslim men should carry the body and lay it in the grave.
  7.  A deceased female is laid in the grave by her husband, sons, her father, brothers, uncles,  or in the absence of these, by the Imams and elderly persons of the community. A garment should cover the grave during the lay of the body.
  8.  The grave should be perpendicular (horizontal) to the direction of Qiblah and should be dug at least 6 feet deep.
  9.  The deceased body should be entered into the grave from the direction where his/her feet will be (from the rear of the grave) unless it is not possible to do so.
  10.  People lowering the body into the grave should say: “Bismillah wa ‘ala millati/sunnati Rasool Allah”
  11.  The body of the deceased should rest on his right side and should be close to the wall of the grave and the face should be toward Qiblah.
  12.  The ties of the feet and head should be undone. There is no Islamic teaching to reveal the face of the deceased in the grave.