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bilal hall gymnasium

ISGC’s multi-purpose hall hosts social gatherings, sports events, marriage ceremonies, lectures, and carnivals for the benefit of the community. These facilities are open to the Muslim community of the greater Charlotte area and to the public for visitation. The Hall can also be rented for certain events for a fee.



The base cost for renting Bilal Hall is $500 events $1000 for weddings. Questions can be directed to


  • Wasif Khawaja: 980-833-4312

Reasons to Rent

  • Weddings
  • Graduation Ceremony
  • Aqeeqas/Bismallah’s
  • Death/Recitation of Quran (free to rent)
  • Other Local Islamic Organizations (free to rent)

Amenities Included

  • Announcement System
  • Kitchen facilities
  • Chairs (350 ) & Round Tables (40)
  • Serving Tables (25)
  • Parking : 250 spaces
  • Kids Playground

Sports Gym

Bilal Hall also functions as a sports facility for basketball, badminton, volleyball, and tennis. Team practices are held regularly on a set schedule.
Boys: M/F 6-10 pm
Girls: Tu/Wed 6-10 pm

  • All the games MUST be stopped 10 minutes before the prayer times.
  • All players MUST not wear shoes which can damage the gym floor.
  • Anyone is found misbehaving/fighting, will not be allowed to play and may be terminated immediately for two weeks.
  • No boys/men is allowed on Tuesday and Wednesday
  • Reservation is required for any schedule game.
  • For more Information contact management