Follow us on Facebook and Instagram to stay informed about our latest events. Some of our recurring events and programs include:

Religious Prayers and Pillars  

  • Congregational prayers fives times a day 
  • English Jummah Khutba & Prayer year-round 1:30pm/2pm
  • Ramadan Iftars + 20 Rakat Taraweeh 
  • Annual Eid Brunch in Bilal Hall


  • Evening Quran Classes 
  • Sunday Islamic School 
  • Weekly Lectures & Regular Tafsirs
  • Sisters Halaqa and dars group 
  • Youth Mentorship
  • Youth Boys Summer Camp  

General Services 

  • Hall Rentals
  • Marriage Counseling 
  • Burial services 
  • Nikah contracts 
  • 1:1 imam consultations (sisters and brothers) 
  • 1:1 ustadha consultations (for sisters only)  

The Month of Ramadan

  • 20-rakat taraweeh each night with a reflection on the Qur’an ayats recited after the first 8 (in English)
  • Tahajjud prayers in the last ten nights
  • community bonfires with the Imam (kids encouraged to attend; halal smores provided)
  • Khatum-ul-Quran dua on the 27th night
  • Iftar dinners every weekend
  • Annual Eid Bazaar (for ladies only)
  • Eid Brunch in Bilal Hall after Eid Prayer

Charity & Community Service 

  • Zakat Financial Assistance 
  • Monthly Homeless Shelter Breakfast Sponsorship 
  • Back to School Supplies Drive 
  • Ramadan Toy Drive


  • Basketball Gym Practices Boys/Girls 
  • Cricket pitch 

Community Engagement & Outreach

  • Yearly Islamic Events, examples include:  
    • Islamic Trivia Night in lieu of Halloween 
    • Nasheed Night for Rabbi-ul-awwal 
  •  Interfaith events

Volunteer are welcome. Contact 704-287-4009 or email to get involved.